Fuyu Persimmons Shine in a Spinach Salad With an Asian-Themed Dressing

Fuyu persimmons are the tomato shaped variety that are a beautiful orange hue. Because they are not astringent, they can be eaten when apple-like firm, or when slightly softened. They are generally available late September through December. I love to add them to a ginger-enriched spinach salad. First, I create some ginger juice to create an irresistible edge to the…

Fun Times with Zoodles, Vegetable Pasta Made with Spiral-Cutter Gizmo

Cooking, Gadgets, Recipes By Sep 30, 2015

“Spiralize” has become a verb, at least in the lingo of spiral slicer enthusiasts. The spiral slicer gizmos, affectionately dubbed “zoodlers” or “spiralizers,” cut raw vegetables and fruits into thick or thin pasta-like stands (as well as wide ribbon-like strands or slices, an option out-shined by the first two). Different shapes are achieved by using one of three blade options….

Gizmo Can Can: New Canning Contraption Cuts Work and Heat

Cooking, Gadgets, Recipes By Sep 15, 2014

New canning contraption changes the game … Dad said that his mother never cried. He could remember only one long-ago exception that brought tears. That was the winter day when the shelves collapsed in the basement of their Midwest farmhouse. All of her packed-to-the-brim canning jars broke into smithereens. The preserved bounty of the summertime harvest was lost. Grandmother Young…

Pressure? You Bet. Electric Pressure Cooker Ssssssssshhhhhhh!

Chefs, Cooking, Gadgets By Oct 13, 2011

Use an electric pressure cooker …  find quick culinary happiness. Risotto cooks in 7 minutes. No stirring. Interested? When Amar Santana tells me that I need to buy an electric pressure cooker, I buy one. The chef-owner of the newly opened Broadway by Amar Santana restaurant in Laguna Beach (and former executive chef at Charlie Palmer at South Coast Plaza),…