Bruxie’s Salad, Delicious Inside or Outside The Waffle

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Imagine a restaurateur’s delight to be featured in Jay Leno’s monologue your first week in business. Bruxie’s “bold fold” waffle concept intrigued the entertainer, as it did the lines of customers queuing up at the Old Towne Orange eatery. Dean Simon, Bruxie’s managing partner, found out fast that the idea for gourmet waffle sandwiches could capture a loyal audience. Now…

Great Eats This Week: Delicious Bites From Diamond Jamboree Center in Irvine

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85C: (bottom to top – Milk Pudding Bun ($2.40), Lemon Taro Swirl ($1.60), Berry Multi-grain Loaf ($4.90) and Brioche ($3.25) Diamond Jamboree, a vibrant, bustling retail center in Irvine (Jamboree at Anton), features a wide array of dining destinations. It’s unique in the variety of Asian cuisines that are represented in its eateries. Here’s a small sample: My favorites at…

Culinary Gardener Kathryn Agresto Shares Four Chef’s Vegetable Gardens

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I’m not a jealous person. But when I saw Chef Zov Karamardian’s home vegetable garden, I was overcome with envy. Just steps from her kitchen, cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs flourished, alongside a spectrum of lettuces and greens. Espalier fruit trees snuggled walls. Fully-bloomed artichokes showed off their stunning buds. (Photo above shows Zov sitting in her home vegetable garden.) Zov…

Blueberries, Fresh, Local and Scrumptious

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It’s a great time to bake up some blueberry treats; California bountiful blueberry season starts now and continues through June. Here’s one of the blueberry bushes in my front yard. So, how will I use them? Sweets need to be more than just sweet to interest my palate. There needs to be an interesting contrast in flavors, such as the…

Vegetarian Goes Gourmet: “Plenty” Gives It Glam

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I’ve never actually seen my heart, but I suspect that a big meaty lamb bone might be etched on its surface.  OK, that’s an exaggeration fueled by a carnivore’s cravings.  I grew up in a family that defined the meal by the menu’s meat. What’s for dinner? Lamb, beef, chicken, or pork. Occasionally fish. But what if a vegetarian dish…

Cookie Love, Gourmet’s Best

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Moist, chewy, luscious …. date bars are a little bit of heaven. Really. I know I’m sentimental. The day Condé Nast scrapped Gourmet magazine, I felt like a friend had died. The 68-year-old publication had been a part of my monthly routine for decades. Reading it opened my view of global cuisine, especially in the early years of my career….

Super Bowl Grub: Some Truffle Popcorn, Too

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Super Bowl Sunday is a day of indulgence. Food is the focal point for many party-goers, the game only an amusing backdrop. Trough-style is the only way to go. Put it out. Guests scoop or ladle up the goods. Easy peasy. For many, chili has become a traditional Super Bowl entree. Not only is it delectable, it can easily be…