Many say that cooking at the James Beard House for a chef, is like performing at Carnegie Hall is for a musician.

Zov Karamardian, executive chef-owner of Zov’s Bistro, Zov’s Cafes and Zov’s Anaheim, with join culinary director Louie Jocson on October 6th in New York City to cook in the former home of the late James Beard.

It is a special honor and a chef appears only by invitation. This will be Zov’s third time cooking for the prestigious event.

Known for her signature blend of Middle Eastern, Armenian and Mediterranean flavors, the team is sure to knock their socks off in The Big Apple.

How do  I know? I ate a “sneak peek” dinner that showcased each and every dish on the duo’s Beard Dinner!


Four Appetizers: Kalamata-Shrimp Salad (wrapped in a thinly-shaved Watermelon radish).


And …Salmon Kibbeh Nayeh, Skuna Bay Salmon with Bulgar (and red peppers and preserved lemon). Also Red Lentil Cakes with Red Pepper Paste and Armenian Cheese.


Sea Scallop Crudo with Lemon Zest, Yuzu, Coriander Oil, Cucumber, Aleppo Pepper, Sumac … and sea microgreens (those luscious feathery sprigs).


Jidori Chicken Meatball in Savory Broth with Rice and Spices


Chermoula Salmon with Pickled Onion, Shaved Fennel and Lebni


Lamb Shoulder Tagine with Pearl Couscous Risotto, Pan Jus, Roasted  Carrot and Urfa Biber

Still room for dessert? Come on, you can’t stop now!


Banana Brulee with Caramelized Bananas, Custard, Salted Cardamom Butter Crust, Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream, Caramel Sauce

Lucky New Yorkers!

Lucky me!