Six-Course Vegetable Tasting Menu – Stonehill Tavern’s Raj Dixit Produce Wizardry

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It makes me sad when someone tells me that they don’t like vegetables! Really sad.

I’m not a vegetarian. But I know how delicious fruits and vegetables can be.

Take a look at what Executive Chef Raj Dixit is turning out at Stonehill Tavern at the St. Regis Resort & Spa, Dana Point.

A luscious multi-course “Vegetable Discovery Tasting Menu.” So darn luscious.

Off menu starters included some of the best very-crisp Kale Chips I have ever tasted (beautifully seasoned with the Japanese seasoning mix, togarashi).

And … light as air White Miso Marshmallows topped with Maca tea powder.


FIRST COURSE: Every bite was scrumptious of this avocado-themed dish.  Blood orange came along for the ride, plus candy-cane beets, slivers of baby coconut, sorrel, radishes, hearts of palm and a crisp quinoa tuille.

And look at the presentation. A crystal fish-bowl like vessel atop a lotus-folded linen napkin. Lovely.

Our beverage? A gin sour. Nice.


Second, ROOTS, SHOOTS, TUBERS EN PAPILLOTE: Veggies cooked in a bag are added to incredible 24-hour tomato broth.

A roll stuffed with a woodsy whole mushroom was served on the side.


COURSE NUMBER THREE: Caramalized Sunchokes adorned with plenty of Vaucluse winter truffles (Provence – France), coddled egg and a tasty foam. On the side? Grilled artichokes with three optional dipping sauces. Don’t get full, we’re only half way done.


FOUR – Carrot Agnolotti: Plump little stuffed pasta rounds – seasoned with cardamom and sunflower seeds and adrift is a dashi scented sauce.


On the side, a generous assortment of cauliflower, all colors, plus some green romanesco

– some fried, some not. All very, very tasty.


VEGETABLE-FRUIT DESSERT, SO LUSH: Pastry Chef Maren Henderson never fails to create desserts that are irresistible. Here she teamed parsnip pudding with raw honey, hazelnut praline, tangerines and showoff-pieces of caramelized meringue sheets.

Note that I have eaten part of this dessert before I remembered to take a photo. Bad Cathy. So bad. So happy.

The very generous multi-course Vegetable Discovery Tasting Menu at Stonehill Tavern is $125 per person, not including gratuity. Stonehill Tavern is in the St. Regis Resort & Spa, Dana Point. (949) 234-3200


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