Oh Boy, Mustard Greens Meet Hot Sausage

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MUSTARD GREENS – one of the most nutrient dense plants of the planet

I adore the way adding a small knobs of hot Italian sausage to this dish tames the assertive greens! The flavors are so good together, plus the sautéed sausage offers a crunchy pizzazz.

An excellent source of vitamins C and A, one cup of mustard greens has only 15 calories but provides 2 grams of protein. Well … the sausage adds more calories, but think of those vitamins!

The frilly-edged leaves have a distinct mustard aroma and peppery taste. If you like, substitute bacon, pancetta or smoked turkey for the hot Italian sausage.

I like to serve it over cooked farro.

Mustard Greens with Hot Sausage and Farro

Yield: 6 servings
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
6 ounces hot Italian sausage
1/2 large yellow onion, diced
1 pound mustard greens, washed, drained, cut crosswise into 3- to 4-inch wide pieces
2 tablespoons water or dry white wine
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
For serving: 2 cups cooked farro or brown rice tossed with 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper

Optional topping: a splash of red wine vinegar

1. In a large, deep nonstick skillet heat olive oil on medium heat. Break sausage in clumps (about the size of very large grape) and add to skillet in a single layer. Cook, turning once, until nicely browned and crisp. Add onion and cook, stirring occasionally, until onion softens, about 2 minutes.
2. Add mustard greens. Use a spatula to push the greens down as they heat.  Add 2 tablespoons water or wine; cover. Cook 3 or 4 minutes, or until greens are wilted. Uncover and turn heat to high. Cook until moisture evaporates, about 4 minutes. Add salt and pepper; toss. Serve over cooked farro or brown rice. I like to add a small splash of vinegar atop my serving. It’s up to you and your opinion of acidity.


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