Modern Choucroute, a la Marche Moderne

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PIG EAR LUST: Yes I love super-crunchy thin strips of fried pig ears. Can’t help it.

And thanks to Marche Moderne’s Amelia and Florent Marneau, I found pig bliss on my plate last Saturday night.

Modern Choucroute Dinner is $30 per person, or “en cocotte” for two at $55. This one is en cocotte for two.

Now through November 11 on the dinner menu, Marche Moderne is offering their interpretation of Modern Choucroute (sauerkraut plus pork NINE different ways).

Pork nine ways includes: braised cheek, Snake River Farms short ribs, pork belly, jambonneau, ham hocks au court bouillon, saucisse de Strasbourg fraîche, saucisse fumé and crispy pig’s feet. And yes, crispy pig ears!

Served with sauerkraut, Weiser Farms German butterball potatoes and Dijon mustard.

The choucroute is plated in a long oval bowl; the lip of the bowl is  garnished with Dijon mustard and thinly sliced capicola-esque pork.

Yes, of course I was full!

But I just couldn’t leave without ordering one of Amelia’s glorious desserts.

Warm pear clafouti and made-in-house ice creams. Delicious.

I love fall. Yes, and that choucroute with pig ears.

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