Grilling Contest Winner: The Lunch, The Video

Chefs, Cooking, Recipes, Restaurants By May 15, 2012

Yes, I have a luscious job. 

One example? A recent lunch at the beautiful Winery Restaurant (The District, Tustin).

My job before lunch? To shoot a video with Executive Chef Yvon Goetz and Register Grilling Contest Winner, Deron Richens.

Here’s the video.

And some action shots …

You know a shoot is going to be big-time fun when the chef starts the action by pouring a glass of wine.

Maybe just a sip before the camera starts rolling.

Chef is ready …

Then, we have an irresistible three-course lunch: Deron, Yvon, Wing Lam (Wahoo’s Fish Taco co-founder), Deron’s wife Lisa and PR goddess Mona Shah.

The Winery’s House Salad.

So good, it’s hard to resist ordering every time. The spinach and strawberry salad looked delicious, too, as did the mushroom soup.

Winery’s oh-so-fresh snapper on the plate with perfect partners: herbaceous tomatoes provided a welcome touch of acidity, and toothsome, seasoned-to-perfection quinoa.

Congrats to contest winner Deron Richens. He won the The Winery Restaurant lunch, a $250 gift certificate from The Meat House in Costa Mesa … and wait for it, wait for it … a copy of my cookbook, “Melissa’s Everyday Cooking with Organic Produce.”

Now, my next job? Buy myself a fancy salt box like Chef Yvon’s.

Isn’t it a beauty? He says he got it from Napa Style.


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