Chef Alan Greeley Wants to Take “The Ride of His Life”

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HE is a man who can’t say no to helping others.
His goal is to raise funds for the Providence Speech and Hearing Center.
Yup, Chef Alan Greeley of The Golden Truffle is looking to take “The Ride of His Life.” Greeley’s fundraising goal of $2,500 by Dec. 2, otherwise known as “Giving Tuesday,” will not only allow him to take a “ride” in the chair, but will raise awareness and support for those in Orange County who suffer from balance disorders.
Providence Speech and Hearing Center (Providence) offers a unique and uplifting approach for patients, both children and adults, who have speech and hearing problems. The staff of audiologists and speech and occupational therapists value teamwork and making their patients feel at ease. In addition, Providence provides financing options to ensure that no patient is without the care they need.
Brain miscommunication can be caused by disabilities from strokes, and other brain injuries, resulting in nausea and dizziness. Greeley’s fundraising efforts will go towards “The Ride of His Life,” which refers to a “ride” in a Neuro-Kinetics rotary chair designed by NASA, which simulates dizziness and measures how the eyes, ears and brain communicate with one another during motion. 
“Dr. House, who was involved with the hearing intervention that Providence [Speech and Hearing Center] applies, was a long-time customer at The Golden Truffle so I was more than happy to get involved with the cause,” Greeley said. 
For some, a simulation of dizziness may not sound very appealing, but for Greeley, this is a welcome adventure to add to his lists. Greeley is a long-time motorcycle racer and rider, Pikes Peak Hill Climb participant, and Formula One racing fan. In addition to his passion for cooking, his passion is fundraising and helping those who need assistance.
Donations can be made to Providence by check in person at The Golden Truffle, where those who donate will sign a poster that will be framed and displayed at the restaurant for years to come.
(This is what Phil and I plan to do – go to the restaurant and give Alan a check – that way be can enjoy a great meal and sign the poster.)
Or is you prefer, donations can also be mailed directly to Providence or be made through the website:
The Golden Truffle
1767 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 645-9858

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