Temptation: Indian Street Foods, There and Here

Cooking, Recipes, Travel By Jun 15, 2014

India totally enchants some visitors. Count me among them. My recent journey left me with joyful impressions of captivating sites and bold colors, vistas set against an exuberant backdrop of rhythms and scents. Imagine the syncopated toots of rickshaw horns mixed with buzzing motorbikes, the aroma of chai, curry and incense perfuming the air.  My visit was short, spending less…

Best Appetizer Pancakes Ever from Lark Creek Newport Beach

John Ledbetter’s pancakes could make you forget the traditional limp breakfast disks that whisper a bland one-dimensional tune. No drizzle of butter or syrup is necessary for these vibrant appetizer cakes. This short video shows how Ledbetter, executive chef at Lark Creek Newport Beach, amps his savory pancakes with a battalion of complementary ingredients. His pancakes are thick and irresistible,…

Slow Boat To Montargis; France’s Upper Loire Region Brings Big Slice of Food Bliss

Chefs, Recipes, Travel By Oct 11, 2012

Traveling by barge isn’t for everyone. The pace is luxuriously slow, so guests get a close-up gander at a relatively small geographic area, both canal-side and when touring on the barge’s van. If visiting a country for the first time, travelers might not be charmed. But for me, a long-time Francophile, nothing could be sweeter as part of a French…