Chefs Cry! Lucca’s American Salumi Just Too Good

SALUMI TEARS: Cathy Pavlos, chef-owner of LUCCA in Irvine,  made some visiting Italian chefs cry. After they enjoyed a platter of glorious salumi, she told them it was American-made. They didn’t believe her.  She brought out the proof.  Two of them wept. Salt-curing and air-drying meats and sausages is a centuries-old artisanal tradition in Italy. But … American artisanal salumi…

Ming Tsai shares secrets of his Mom's Famous Vinegar Shrimp

Chef Ming Tsai’s latest book is filled with quick and easy weeknight dishes that can be prepared in one pan. Most recipes are short enough to fit on one page and use relatively inexpensive ingredients. They produce delectable concoctions, often showcasing classic Asian fare tweaked with subtle trademark twists. He says that he sometimes “francophiles” a dish, using a smattering…

A toast to beer with dessert

Restaurants By Dec 08, 2010

Beer with a burger, or a brewski with bratwurst. These are pairings that come to mind when thinking about classic dishes to pair with beer. But what about desserts? Do you want a beer that complements or contrasts a sugar-spiked treat? With so many layers of flavor in beer – the potential bitterness and richness, sweetness and strength – finding…

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