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Cathy Thomas

Chef David Slay – Pan Seared Tri-Tip with Heirloom Tomatoes and Blue Cheese

Uncategorized By August 30, 2010

Some restaurant critics have decreed his restaurant as best in Orange County. But David Slay, chef-managing partner of Park Ave in Stanton, doesn’t let accolades go to his head. He keeps his focus, turning out delectable, thoughtful American cuisine day after day. Many of his dishes showcase produce gathered from his highly productive vegetable gardens, which flourish just steps away…

Jacques Cooks at Cathy’s

Celebrity Interviews By July 25, 2010

OK, the technology was struggling to improve the quality of Web videos when I taped this segment with Jacques Pepin. Later I figured out that I looked better in a black coat that was tailored. But look at my mug; I look like a love-sick puppy. For decades I have admired culinary icon Jacques Pepin. I greatly respect his culinary…