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Celery Salad – Sparked With Bright Flavors

Uncategorized By March 17, 2022

Almost every night at my house, we have some type of salad. When the lettuce runs out, we turn to longer lasting vegetables to be the headliner. Celery is one of those choices. There are loads of theories about how to best store it. I trim the bottom and cut the bunch in half crosswise. After swishing the freed stalks…

Roasted Bok Choy – Potato-Chip-Crisp Leaves with Tender Bases – Top with Ginger Sauce

Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Recipes, Uncategorized By February 3, 2022

High-heating roasting caramelizes bok choy, lending it an alluring sweet edge. It starts out with a gentle mustard-like flavor, but roasting tames much of that sharpness. The process creates texture contrast, transforming the tender leaves to a potato-chip crunchiness, the broad base to a moist succulence. It’s the best way to cook it. While the bok choy is in the…

No-Fail Rice Pilaf with Corn and Leeks, or Diced Carrots and Cauliflower or Green Beans and Peas – Easy and Delicious

Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Restaurants By January 24, 2022

The versatility of pilaf makes it a welcome dish in a cook’s repertoire. Because it can be supplemented with a wide variety of vegetables, it’s a delicious way to use up produce that you have on hand. Diced carrots and celery; slivers of fresh fennel and diced zucchini; diced bell peppers and green onions; thinly sliced green beans and green…

Kimchi Rice – Deliciously Addictive – Top With Fried Egg and Call It Dinner

Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Recipes By January 14, 2022

Teaming starchy white rice with the high-impact flavors of kimchi results in a dish that is temptingly delicious.  On its own, kimchi can be cheekily sour, spicy, and pungent. It’s a concoction of salted and fermented vegetables that is a staple in Korean cuisine. Used in a stir-fry of sorts along with day-old cooked grains of rice, tames the flames…

Farro Plays Deliciously with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Recipes By December 15, 2021

For a meatless Monday meal, I often turn coarsely chopped greens (such as spinach, collard, chard or kale) into a delectable dish. How? I cook greens in just enough broth to make them tender-crisp, then toss in some cooked farro. The semi-pearled farro makes the concoction nutty and delectably chewy. It adds a subtle sweetness, turning a boring dish into…

Whimsical Vampire Faces Float in Brownies – They Are Peanut Butter Cups!

Cooking, Holidays, Recipes, Uncategorized By October 27, 2021

These delicious brownies are designed to be delicious as well as fun to prepare. Peanut butter cups are set into the rich chocolate batter and serve, after baking, as rounded vampire faces. Whimsical Vampire Peanut Butter Cup Brownies Yield: 24 to 30Nonstick cooking spray and aluminum foil2 sticks (1 cup) unsalted butter, cut into several pieces if cold (or use…