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Cathy Thomas

Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan Crown

Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Recipes, Uncategorized By April 2, 2021

Roasting richly-coated-with-olive oil asparagus in a toasty hot oven, brings out the sweetness in the beautiful spring vegetable. Whether the stalks are pencil thin or have cigar-size waistlines, this Ina Garten recipe is delicious and goes together quickly. Tender from Tough: As for removing the woody ends, my mother broke off the tough ends one by one, holding each spear…

Refried Bean Soup – So Easy, So Delicious

Cooking, Recipes By March 6, 2021

Gratefully, this Refried Bean Soup is made with ingredients that I always have on hand: chicken broth, canned crushed tomatoes, garlic, onion, and of course, canned refried beans. It’s quick to prepare and the garnishes make it over-the-top delicious: shredded cheese and/or sliced green onions, chopped cilantro and/or sour cream. Tortilla chips are a must. Sample a big spoonful of…

Sheet Pan Bliss

Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Recipes By March 6, 2021

When Molly Gilbert’s cookbook “Sheet Pan Suppers” (Workman, $15.95) was published in 2015, I fell in love with her one-dish meals, concoctions created on a single rimmed baking sheet. Of course, slow cookers can be one-pot culinary heroes, but I appreciate that sheet pan cookery creates dishes that aren’t slow-cooker soupy.  This sheet pan dish got rave reviews from kids…

Roasted Broccoli Stars in Delicious Salad

Melissa's, Produce, Recipes By February 24, 2021

Roasting broccoli brings out its sweeter side. For this salad-y dish , I like to roast it just until it is lightly browned. Combine them with buttery Marcona almonds, sweet dates and a little cheddar cheese, and you have a very delicious salad or side dish. Other cruciferous vegetables can be substituted for the broccoli, such as cauliflower florets or…

Avocado and Orange Salad – Updated Classic Combo

Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Recipes, Uncategorized, Videos By January 13, 2021

Avocado’s rich, nutty taste and creamy texture pairs beautifully with the sweet-sour perkiness of oranges. The fruit duo is especially appealing in a simple salad along with tender lettuce, fresh lemon juice and crunchy almonds. Most often avocados are found firm-to-the-touch in the marketplace; they only ripen off the tree. If they are hard when you buy them, they will…