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Chicken with Caramelized Onion and Cardamom Rice, Wowzers

Chefs, Cookbooks, Cooking, Melissa's, Recipes By November 1, 2020

Chicken with Caramelized Onion and Cardamom Rice: My niece Holly Sue is a chef. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, many years ago she left a restaurant career to raise her family, but later started a highly successful at-home personal chef business when her boys were approaching middle school age. Her clients pick up made-from-scratch family dinners twice…

Ginger Cookies with Double Dose Zing

Uncategorized By October 28, 2020

Fresh ginger + crystallized ginger Two kinds of ginger make these cookies irresistibly delicious – – – fresh ginger and crystallized ginger come to this party. Some like to eat ginger for its health benefits, proclaiming that it cures everything from nausea to sore throats. But, I adore it for its alluring flavors – its pleasant peppery bite balanced with…

Rad Red Times Three Salad with Beets, Blood Oranges and Pomegranates

Cookbooks, Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Recipes, Videos By September 28, 2020

I love red-fleshed fruits and vegetables! Red Times Three Salad showcases three of my favorites: blood oranges, red beets and pomegranate seeds. Blood orange’s sweet-sour flavor profile has a subtle note of raspberry. It pairs beautifully with the earthy edge of beets. I use Melissa’s ready-to-eat peeled and steamed baby beets – they are so convenient and beat the heck…

Layered Enchiladas Suizas, Oh Boy

Cooking, Melissa's, Recipes, Uncategorized By September 21, 2020

Many years ago, after taking cooking classes at the Santa Fe School of Cooking in New Mexico, I decided that layering enchiladas in a pan was a much faster and easier than the tradition individual stuff-and-roll approach. Right? A recent article in Martha Stewart Living magazine, offered a layered vegetarian enchiladas suizas recipe. I substituted small cubes of butternut squash…

Cake with Cider-Doughnut Personality

Cooking, Recipes, Uncategorized By September 7, 2020

In my book, an apple-cider donut is one of the best bets in the bakery box, both in flavor (apple and spices) and texture (crunch, crunch of sugar-salt-cinnamon-nutmeg coating). This loaf cake captures those lovely traits. The apple note comes from reducing apple cider to intensify the sweet-tart beauty; it’s used in the batter, atop the cake just out of…

Cheesecake with Blueberries, a Big Winner

Uncategorized By September 4, 2020

Snagged from Food & Wine magazine (August 2020), this delicious cheesecake teams a traditional graham cracker crust with a luscious cheesecake topped with a sweetened sour cream topping. The scrumptious crown on top is a mixture of fresh blueberries and sugar, cooked just long enough to dissolve the sugar and have the berries start to release a little purple-blue juice….