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Salad In A Jar! Perfect.

Chefs, Cookbooks, Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Recipes By March 22, 2023

Shaker Salad with just-right salty-sweet elements to make it irresistible I love Giada’s Shaker Salad. Limp greens and soggy veggies are often the fate of a made-ahead salad destined for the lunchbox. In Giada De Laurentiis’ newest cookbook, “Happy Cooking,” she provides a shaker jar strategy. Chill. Shake. Enjoy. Start with a wide-mouth quart-size jar. Giada’s Shaker SaladYield: 1 serving1 tablespoon store-bought…

“Baked” Apples a la Slow Cooker!

Uncategorized By January 1, 2023

These slow-cooker “baked” apples are delicious served for breakfast or as a homey dessert. I serve them whole for breakfast, sometimes accompanied with a nice puddle of whipping cream. For dessert, I serve half-apple portions teamed with whipped cream, ice cream, or creme fraiche. Baked Apples with Cranberries, Nuts and Brown Sugar Yield: 4 breakfast servings, 8 dessert servings 1/4…

Pasta with Spinach and Ricotta. Deliziosa!

Chefs, Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Recipes, Restaurants By December 15, 2022

Yes, I’m a Lidia Bastianich fan. I love the pace of her PBS show “Lidia’s Kitchen,” that recently started its tenth season. The programs move along to keep my attention but go slow enough to see how she prepares the dishes from start to finish. Her enthusiasm for Italian food and scratch cooking is contagious. Making her pasta dish that…

No-Mayo Egg Salad – Yogurt Offers Pizzazz

Cookbooks, Cooking, Melissa's, Produce, Recipes By November 18, 2022

YUM-OH-LAH! This delectable open-faced sandwich requires a slice of toasted rustic whole-grain bread as a crisp foundation. What is rustic bread? It’s not easy to define. Some might describe it as artisanal without any preservatives. It’s sold unsliced, usually in round or oval shapes. The bread has a crusty exterior and an interior with a chewy texture. Atop the toast…

Taco Filling Adds Flavor Bling to Chicken Breasts

Uncategorized By September 16, 2022

Chicken can make a delicious taco filling, but boneless, skinless chicken breasts can lack flavor bling. Chipotle chilies canned in adobo sauce adds both flavor and aroma to the poaching liquid. Chipotles are smoked, dried jalapeno chilies and they add an enticing rich smokiness. More add-ins heighten flavor, too, including garlic, orange juice and Worchester sauce, plus a smidgen of…