A toast to beer with dessert

Restaurants By Dec 08, 2010

Beer with a burger, or a brewski with bratwurst. These are pairings that come to mind when thinking about classic dishes to pair with beer.

But what about desserts? Do you want a beer that complements or contrasts a sugar-spiked treat? With so many layers of flavor in beer – the potential bitterness and richness, sweetness and strength – finding the perfect partner seems daunting.

At Haven Gastropub in Orange, teaming beer with irresistible desserts is de rigueur. The restaurant earned national recognition when it was recently named by Draft magazine as one of the three best new gastropubs in the country. It offers 14 rotating beers on tap (with 200 selections throughout the year) and more than 60 bottled craft beers. Many dishes, whether sweet or savory, have beer pairing suggestions written on the menu (wine pairings are there, too).

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  1. Phil, Ohio says:

    Now I know what I’m having for dinner tonight.
    I almost forgot they were in the freezer.


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